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CSTB 2009
02.02.2009 - 05.02.2009
Crocus Expo - Moscow


CSTB’2009 will run through 2-5 February 2009 in Crocus Expo exhibition center is the premier professional media event in Russia in CIS countries. CSTB-2009 exhibitions and conference are supported by: IABM (International Association of Broadcast Manufacturers), AKTR (Association of Cable TV of Russia), International Broadcasting Convention (IBC). CSTB participants are key players of the telecommunications and TV, the exhibition demosntrates the latest formats and trends of these fields such as: broadband technologies; pay-TV – cable and satellite TV, IPTV, РВЕМб mobile TV; content; satellite communications.

Netris JSC is a Russian leader in IP-communications software development and system integration. The company produces telecommunication software solutions under IPSoft® trade mark. Netris develops reliable end-to-end IPTV solutions for service providers and corporate customers. At the show the company is displaying its popular products:
  • IPSoft iVision IPTV Middleware, a service delivery platform over broadband
  • IPSoft iStream, a VoD server,
  • IPSoft DMA, a content distribution system.
As well Netris is invited as a speaker of the conference to be held during the show. It is an open event to attract many people who are interested in television technologies.

Стенд компании
Netris Stand

Демонстрация IPSoft iVision IPTV Middleware на стенде компании
IPSoft iVision IPTV Middleware

Максим Воскобоев, заместитель руководителя отдела управления проектами, рассказывает о нашем продукте телеканалу Россия
The system is presented to Rossiya Channel

Вторая версия портала IPSoft iVision IPTV Middleware на стенде Дженерал Дейтакомм
IPSoft iVision IPTV Middleware ver.2.5

Алексей Бугай, генеральный директор компании
Alexey Bugay, CEO at Netris, as a speaker of the conference



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