Netris has integrated photo radar systems into St. – Petersburg CCTV system Print E-mail

Netris, the leader in software development, systems integration for IP communications and video delivery announces integration of the video surveillance system deployed for St.-Petersburg City Monitoring Center with photo radar mobile systems “KRIS”S and “CORDON”. The main purpose of photo radar mobile systems application is improvement of the road safety.

As a result the possibility of access to photo radar images of traffic violations via the city video surveillance portal (including photo archives) was realized. In addition, users of the portal are able to download single images or group of selected images – in one archive file.

Fotoradar Fotoradar 2

“KRIS”S is a photo radar system, which permits forming the database of violators. The violation data includes the recognized license plate number, measured speed, type of violation (speeding, roadside driving, bus lane driving or driving in wrong direction), movement direction, date and time of violation, speed limit for current road section, name of controlled road section, geographical coordinates, sensor serial number.

The “CORDON” multi-target photo radar system is designed for automatic detection of speed violations and transfer of violation data to the police back office. The key feature of the “CORDON” is its ability to simultaneously monitor the speeds of both oncoming and outgoing vehicles in up to four lanes of traffic. This is accomplished using a single Photo Radar sensor.

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