Netris took part in online broadcasting of the Victory Day Parade and «Immortal Regiment» action Print E-mail

Netris, the leader in IP-communications software development, video surveillance, digital television and systems integration took part in organization of online broadcasting of Victory Day celebrations. Online-broadcasting of events was performed on a special resource of Moscow Information Technology Department «Moscow e-motion» created together with Netris specialists and gathered 66 thousand spectators.

36 CCTV city-cameras were selected for broadcasting movement of the military technique column from Khodynka field to the Red Square and back. Switching from camera to camera users were able observe the event through the whole way. «Moscow e-motion» gave Muscovites the possibility not only to see military equipment, but to assess the situation on the roads and track time of releasing restrictions on the traffic on the main streets of Moscow. Citizens were able to see what was happening on the Red Square from two angles at once – one of CCTV cameras is installed on the State Historical Museum building and the other one on Moscow GUM building.

Thanks to developed and successfully implemented by Netris specialists special gateway, video streams from cameras were retransmitted to the resource «Moscow e-motion». It allows a large number of resource visitors to witness the most striking and interesting events in Moscow. Access to «Moscow e-motion» is possible for everybody both using computers or mobile devices.

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City events online broadcasting service «Moscow e-motion» was launched in December, 2014. The idea of its creation belongs to Moscow residents. Since the service is available, Muscovites were able to watch online broadcasting of more than two dozen city events. «Moscow e-motion» service is not only entertaining. It also has an educational function: it shows CCTV-system possibilities to Muscovites.

Netris ( is the leader in IP-communications software development and systems integration. Netris is focused on development of award-winning Video Delivery and Business Intelligence solutions. Netris solutions three times won Big Digit National Awards. 3_big_digits

Netris' customers are telecommunication companies and banking institutions that aim to improve their efficiency using cutting edge solutions. Netris Solutions have been deployed for Rostelecom, Kazakhtelecom, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and Tyumen Government, MGTS, Russian Standard Bank, TTK, MTS, Metalloinvest, and other Russian and CIS service providers and banks.