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Netris Content Delivery Network is a distributed system of servers to improve access to the video services by increasing access bandwidth and redundancy. Balanced and adaptive Netris CDN manages and preserves the quality of video content during its entire delivery and reduces bandwidth costs.

Why CDN is crucial today

The exponential growth of video traffic is placing additional demands on carrier and service provider networks. Experts suggest that the demand for OTT-delivered content will only continue to rise. To meet customer requirements and expectations distributed network is complemented with additional servers to storage, broadcast and re-broadcast content. The benefits for operators who want to deploy their own CDN are the following:

  • High-quality content delivery enables to monetise the inherent value of the content and build brand equity
  • Providing a wide range of services based on a single infrastructure:
    • Selling own or partner content
    • Delivery content as a service (content providers pay for traffic)
    • Providing mechanisms for interaction with cloud platforms
  • Strategically placed edge servers decrease the load on interconnects, public peers, private peers and backbones, freeing up capacity and lowering delivery costs.
  • Partnership with global CDN providers opens unlimited possibilities to scale the content delivery worldwide.

Netris CDN is based on Netris software solutions that are successfully implemented and running by a number of carriers and service providers. The system providing content delivery for OTT and IPTV services use the distributed structure of servers located in the areas with Internet traffic concentration.


Netris CDN Key Features and Benefits

  • Support of different content sources
  • Support of the most popular technologies and protocols
  • Built in adaptive streaming system
  • Delivery to multiple platforms and devices: STB, PC, Mac, mobile devices (iPad/iPhone as well as powered by Windows Mobile, Android, etc.)
  • CA/DRM systems support
  • Interactive services support on the streaming platform
  • Multi-level hierarchical architecture
  • Scalability without limits
  • Service delivery both over managed network and Internet
  • Statistics and analytical reportsЗачем CDN операторам?

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