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Netris Distributed Media Architect (DMA) – media content distribution management system is designed to be a unique tool to provide flexibility and redundancy of such an important IPTV service as Video on Demand (VoD). Netris application enables to optimize networks and reduce number of VoD servers.

How it works

Netris DMA proxies and redirects RTSP requests in IP-network. Subscriber’s STB applies to Netris DMA server, which in its turn redirects or proxies the request to the nearest available video server. After it an asset is referred directly from VoD server to STB. DMA server keeps connection with every VoD server in the network and reacts immediately on a server failing.

Netris DMA Benefits

High Level of System Fault Tolerance
Every Network VoD server has an Netris DMA agent so central DMA server always has actual information on the state and loading of VoD servers. During a movie watching a subscriber doesn’t notice a server failure because the stream will be immediately recovered from the nearest available server. For a subscriber it will be as a second movie pause on the TV screen.

Netris DMA provides reliability with any number of video servers.

Multibrand System
Application is designed to be an integration link which understands RTSP dialects of any video server. It enables to combine different VoD server brands according to operator interests.

Part of Netris End-to-End Solution
iVision IPTV Middleware and Netris WebView OTT Platform are proven solution components which enable to broad DMA functionality and raise system reliability.

Intellectual Content Distribution
Netris DMA runs content distribution from central VoD server to local servers according to movies popularity.

Web-application can be easily integrated with system components including any middleware.

Cost Reducing
As Netris DMA enables to optimize number of VoD servers and use different brands. It can reduce investments in network and equipment.

Key Features:
  • Proxing and redirecting STB requests;
  • Variety of settings to connect STB and VoD server: IP-address, mask, group of IP-addresses;
  • Central management of all processes;
  • Statistics collection and storage. iVision IPTV Middleware provides information on content popularity;
  • Content rotation from central video server to local servers depending on movies popularity;
  • Multicast content distribution from from central video server to local servers;
  • Asset availability checking.

Download Netris iStream&DMA data sheet