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Netris offers an alternative to IP-STB – iVision Desktop that allows carriers to render IPTV services on personal computers of the subscribers. iVision Desktop turns any broadband-connected PC into a fully functional, interactive IP client that complements the use of set-top boxes (STBs) in today’s networked household. One of the solution components – PC Player, developed by one of CAS/DRM manufacturers, which provides decryption and viewing media content on users’ computers.

Netris iVision Desktop

Supported Services:
  • Broadcasting over IP;
  • Video on Demand (VOD);
  • Grid EPG;
  • TimeShifted TV;
  • Personal Video Recording (PVR);
  • Progressive Downloading.

Most powerful synergy is given by combination of iVision Desktop and iVision Middleware.

iVision Desktop management is carried out by means of the administrator web-interface. It allows to adjust the system and to operate it in real time.

iVision Desktop user interface enables subscribers to get the access to the services (viewing of TV-channels, films) and the additional information (a program schedule of TV-channels, film descriptions and trailers).

Thus, iVision Desktop represents a high-grade platform for operators who are able to differentiate their services in the increasingly competitive pay-TV market by offering premium and diverse content via the PC.

Key Benefits:

Cost-effective IPTV-introduction
Operators receive accessible alternative which does not demand so big expenses from the operator and subscribers as IPTV-STB.

Each broadband connection user has a computer.

Viewing of media files on the Internet has developed a habit of watching similar content on the screen of the personal computer, instead of the TV.

Ease of downloading
For connection to IPTV it is necessary to download only a program and to run it.

Supported services
iVision Desktop supports basic IPTV services: Broadcasting over IP, Video on Demand (VOD), TimeShiftTV, Personal Video Recording (PVR) and Near Video on Demand (nVOD).