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Netris LightVision is a service delivery platform for IPTV&OTT solutions. It is responsible for the functionality of the user interface: channel zapping, EPG, subscription management, support of non-linear TV services, subscriber authorization. Also it provides integration with other system components. The major advantage of the platform is its efficiency.

This product is designed for small and medium-sized service providers that are interested in expanding the range of services to offer and creating a competitive advantage.

Netris LightVision Opportunities

  • Using the benefits of a 'fat' client for STBs: fast navigation and channel zapping, autonomy and а stylish and laconic design;
  • Support of Dune HD and Eltex STBs;
  • Support of Verimatrix и SecureMedia CA/DRM systems;
  • A wide range of additional options: mosaic view, statistics collection, banner advertizing, clients for PC, tablets and Smart TV.

Netris LightVision Features

TV Channels and EPG

  • TV Channels Broadcasting
  • Grid EPG and List EPG
  • Reminders (once, daily, weekly)
  • Channel grouping to a consumer choice, for example “Favorite Channels”

Video on Demand Service

  • Pause and Rewind Functions (several speeds and per episode)
  • Trailer Viewing
  • 4-Digit Code for Immediate Access to a Movie – iCode.
  • Easy to navigate film catalogue with multiple levels of nesting
  • Multiple Rates Generation for Every Movie

Nonlinear TV Service

  • Replay TV
  • Pause Live TV
  • Start Over
  • nPVR, DVR

Content Recording (Encrypted)

  • STB with built in Hard Drive
  • External Hard Drive connected to STB via USB
  • On the operator’s site

Common Features

  • Interface adaptation for a TV set dimensions: positioning and scale
  • Parental Control
  • An opportunity to select soundtracks and subtitles
  • Multilanguage interface
  • SD and HD Interface
  • Subscription Management
  • Integration with a 3-rd part internet applications