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Netris StatServer 2.0 is an advanced system for statistics collection and report generating that allows both collect information connected with the subscriber's activity during watching TV or content on demand and monitor video quality on subscriber’s site. The benefits of the statistics server are a broad set of tools to offer the ability to create different even unique reports, a user-friendly interface and support of various formats for exporting data.

Video monitoring is an additional functionality of Netris StatServer which is used to monitor "quality of service" parameters like interrupts, jitter, and other failures on subscriber’s stbs. QoE monitoring (Quality of Experience) is essential in order to ensure good IPTV/OTT quality and for quick, effective troubleshooting.

The main advantage of IPTV/OTT is an opportunity to trace subscriber‘s actions: switching channels, selecting of a film or a programme. Netris StatServer 2.0 is a convenient tool to collect and process the original data according to certain algorithms. The results of the process are presented in reports and charts.

Netris StatServer 2.0 Key Benefits:

  • A unique feature set allows you to create and customize various report templates to meet any customer's needs
  • Simple and intuitive interface for managing reports
  • QoE control can improve the impression of the services quality, which reduces churn and increases the number of loyal subscribers.
  • Netris StatServer is a module of Netris iVision Middleware that has been successfully deployed for Kazakhtelecom, TTK, Vladlink and other service providers in Russia and CIS countries. 

Report Templates 

  • A report on the number of viewers for each channel;
  • A report on the number of viewers for each particular channel;
  • A report on the average daily viewing time of TV channels per subscriber;
  • A report on the monthly average time watching TV channels per subscriber;
  • A report on the monthly average time to view a specific channel per subscriber;
  • A report on the most active time to view a particular channel during the day;
  • A report on the most passive television viewing time during the day or night, the total subscriber base;
  • Other reports on demand.

The main tasks of Netris StatServer are aggregating video consumption data for making substantiated business solution to develop OTT/IPTV services and optimize costs for content as well as failure detection for video delivery.