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Netris Interactive Client Desk is a multifunctional platform for Interaction, Communication and Visualization over the Internet. Netris ICD was developed for contact centers of state and commercial companies with the aim to transfer a part of client work from a real office onto the Internet.

Netris ICD Benefits

  • Replacement of office meetings with virtual interaction provides centralization of communication channels that helps to decrease OPEX
  • Customer loyalty increase
  • A new sales channel
  • Support of any client in any situation: the client can use different communication methods: telephone, chat
  • A special approach to each client

Netris ICD Features

A client can connect to the company’s contact center by using:

  • Text instant messaging system (chat)
  • Telephone (mobile, fixed, IP) via a call back order from the site
  • SIP telephony with the use of a computer headset or a microphone and speakers

As well a client can use this service if he or she has already started talking with the operator. In this case the client selects the option to add video to the current talk on the website.

One of the key benefits of Netris ICD is visualization feature that includes:

  1. Video from the operator’s camera (two-way video is an option)
  2. Demonstration of documents and websites

During the dialogue with the contact-center operator a client can use the following functions:

  • File sharing
  • Document co-editing (both operator and client can edit documents and navigate sites)
  • Document demonstration on demand
  • Web-surfing on demand
  • Highlighting parts of the text or site
  • Sending and saving of documents

Netris ICD platform also includes the following components: Integration Module, Recording Module and Statistics Module.

Integration Module

Netris ICD is a self-sufficient system, which can be deployed without integration with the subsystems of the customer. To do this, just add a link to the online service on customer’s site. Without integration the customer can offer chat, request for a call back via the website, adding video to the current conversation, SIP telephony and all features of visualization and interaction.

Telephony integration provides the following services: automatic dialing, automatic call routing service for optimization of resources, call transfer and other telephony functions.

If necessary Netris provides integration with other systems: CRM, internet-banking, etc.


To improve the quality of service, as well as to document the conversation with a client can be used the recording function. The format of the recorded material is a question to discuss with each customer. Netris ICD recoding features:

  • Operator and client’s video recording
  • Add the video to the client’s profile (CRM integration is necessary)
  • Recording of demonstrated documents and websites
  • Video and audio synchronizing when they are recorded separately (voice is recorded by a telephone system)


Statistics module is used to estimate the effectiveness of the system and the staff. Reports can be based on different indicators: a common outcome, average value for the operators as well as separately for each operator. The list of basic reports includes:

  • The number of requests received;
  • Average time for processing requests;
  • The time from the moment of the request placement to the answer of an operator in the maximum, minimum and average value;
  • Other reports.

The full list of reports is consistent with the customer on an individual basis. These reports can be exported into Excel.