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Netris CCTV Platform for command centers aggregates information from a variety of sources and provides a convenient interactive interface for viewing images from cameras in real-time and / or in recording.

Netris CCTV Platform Features :

  •     Integration with different information systems for the export and import of various data;
  •     Flexible rights management system (according to official duties );
  •     Support for various mapping services , including applications to monitor traffic, public transport, road transport and public services;
  •     Development of additional tools for the implementation of specific functions of the command center .

Case Study

moscowThe State Information System "Single Point of Data Storage and Processing" (SPDS) was deployed in 2011 to enhance the safety of Moscow through the use of information and communication technologies. It allows state employees to monitor various aspects of urban life: traffic on the roads, safety of the streets and yards, road and social construction, public transport, etc.

SPDS’ user portal developed by Netris enables employees to access to the images from the cameras both in real time and in recording, situation analysis and the results of satellite navigation systems with localization on the city map. The service is available on computers and mobile devices that have connection to the internet.