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Video Consulting Service reveals new visual experience in client support

Video Consulting Implementation Spheres:

  • Empowering call centers to provide video consultations via the Internet. Center operators can demonstrate a variety of documents: contracts, accounts, payment schedules or find any other information on the company site. The client has a visual contact with the consultant and can ask questions and receive answers in real time.
  • Online support of public services portal. The solution allows to provide expert assistance in completing application forms, declarations and other documents.
  • Paid consulting services with the possibility of filling in the documents and save them on a user’s computer.
  • Education. Consultant connects to several users simultaneously for a demonstration or lesson.

Netris Video Consultant is the solution to provide Video Consulting Service over Internet. The service is available from PCs, tablets and information kiosks. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Visual interaction with a contact centre operator;
  • Assistance in site navigation;
  • Demonstration of documents with an opportunity to highlight text pieces;
  • Documents saving to users' terminals;
  • Documents printing is available through information kiosks;
  • Video materials saving and archiving.

The Netris Video Consultant is implemented in MTS and Russian Standard Bank