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Netris solutions provide safe and efficient enterprises, logistics parks and business centres management. Due to unlimited scalability, wide functionality and video analytics they are appropriate both on major objects and on few-cameras objects. Both centralized and decentralized architecture is supported, which is efficient for all enterprise types, including geographically spread ones.

Distinguishing features

  • Comprehensive intellectual CCTV platform can be created, with access from any point of the world through the unite portal and with access to specific separate objects for their staff through separate interface
  • The existing equipment and CCTV cameras can be used for connection to the unite system
  • Various analytical algorithms of various developers are used simultaneously in order to maximize the information reliability and provide the system comprehensive use
  • Mobile video streaming: from smart phones, tablet computers, quadcopters, which can widen the coverage and optimise cameras installation costs
  • Control and management systems integration, safety systems and other external systems integration
  • Can be integrated with the city CCTV system in order to transmit video streams and analytics events

  • Issued solved

  • Process safety control both on a separate object and in geographically spread groups of objects or buildings
  • Effective management of any scale enterprise
  • Staff activities, working hours, territory movements and labour processing rules remote control
  • Unwanted visitors or dismissed staff database integration, automatic face recognition and security service notification
  • Security check points automatization: matching face biometrics database with the staff database
  • Enterprise territory and no-visitors zones access control
  • Car number-plates, marks, models and types recognition, visitor route tracking at the enterprises and on the nearby territory
  • Object fire safety control, emergency situations prevention
  • Abandoned things, loud sounds, sabotage detection
  • Vandalism prevention, property, buildings and communications safety control
  • Safety procedures control, personal safety equipment utilization control
  • Territory cleaning, maintenance and household improvement control
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