JSC Netris is the developer of smart software solutions in the field of video surveillance for smart cities, regions and large businesses. On the basis of Netris solutions, PJSC Rostelecom is developing the Unified National Video Surveillance Platform (ENPV).

Company mission

The company aims to create and implement innovative solutions for improving our customers’ business effectiveness via launching revolution services that change the quality of life for the better.

We occupy a leading position in the market.
Successfully completed projects
Highly qualified employees

The basis if our company is highly qualified programmers and engineers who can complete the tasks set by our customers efficiently and in a short tome. Netris specialists have wide experience in design, development and implementation of both their own solutions and those of their partners.

Netris main customers are companies seeking to increase their efficiency through the use of advanced technologies. Netris solutions have been implemented in such companies as Rostelecom, Kazakhtelecom, Department of information technologies of Moscow, City Monitoring Center of St. Petersburg, Department of Informatization of Tyumen region and a number of others.

  • We are experts in the field of software development and integration in the field of video surveillance (CCTV) and digital TV(IPTV/OTT)
  • We develop large-scale projects for corporations, governments and major companies.
  • Carrier-class solutions are full-scale "development branches" that constantly evolve.


Clients reviews

We have talked for a long time about the face recognition system and conducted an experiment. The system has shown its effectiveness, therefore, from January 1, 2020, we have already implemented it in Moscow. Urban video cameras have been replaced and intelligent face recognition systems have been connected.

Sergey Sobyanin
Moscow Mayor

Netris solution provides instruments for the effective city housing management online through the city portal or through the mobile app. Thanks to this, the city becomes the most comfortable and safe place for living.

Vladimir Kirienko
PJSC “Rostelecom” first vice president

Now, by means of this innovative CCTV platform integration with the city surveillance system, Moscow executives can stream directly to the Moscow Surveillance video storage portal using their mobile devices, in order to perform housing and communal services control and innovation, and to carry out security procedures both on a regular basis and during public events.

Alexandr Gorbatko
Deputy head of Moscow Information Technology department

Moscow surveillance system took the 1st prise in the Smart city solutions Digital awards during RIW. Finally, 8 years of our efforts are appreciated by the society and experts. We are grateful to everyone who builds and develops the system, and to those who make the city cleaner, safer and more comfortable place with its help.

Dmitry Golovin
Head of CCTV division, Moscow Information Technology Department

The capital is now under the gun of the best and most innovative video cameras. The whole mass of information is stored in a single database. The law enforcement authorities can obtain it at the first call, which can considerably reduce the crime rate. I presume this kind of system is the most effective.

Sergey Sobyanin
Moscow Mayor

Viseo analytics drives on the effectiveness of both private and public CCTV systems. Now city citizens get the additional protection level.

Artyom Ermolayev
Head of Moscow Information Technology Department

Now television has got down to the Metro, and this is a milestone event. There is no other country having live TV stream in metro cars.

Alexey Vershinin
Moscow-24 TV-channel producer

The unique media platform is created, which can be used to add the metro urgent messages to Moscow-24 TV information content.

Kirill Stepanenko
Deputy head of Moscow Metro for IT and Communications

In 2014 we moved to Russian Netris VoD Server core framework. I am absolutely sure, there is no other that high-class solutions in the world.

Dmitry Golovin
Head of CCTV division, Moscow Information Technology Department

Let me express gratitude to the Netris staff for their indispensable contribution, for their professional and personal qualities that made such technically and organisationally complicated project as September, 8, 2013 Moscow Mayor Elections voting offices Video surveillance possible.

Artiom Ermolaev
Moscow Government Minister, Deputy head of Moscow Information Technology department

Working with us, you will get unique experience in development and implementation of innovative solutions in the field of video at the scale of cities and regions. You will bw able to solve complex and non-trivial tasks with the opportunity to participate in the implementation of new technological solutions.

Official employment according to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation
Comfortable working conditions in a modern office
Corporate training programs and career growth
Professional environment and interesting projects