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Our possibilities

Netris solutions provide safety and effective management for transport infrastructure. Due to unlimited scalability, wide functionality and video analytics they can be used both on large objects, such as airports, railway stations, and on few-cameras objects: bus stations, transit hubs, intercepting parkings. Both centralized and decentralized architectures are supported, that is effective for all transport enterprises including geographically distributed ones.

Distinguishing features

  • Complex intellectual transport enterprise CCTV platform can be created, providing access from any point of the world through the unite portal and giving access to the specific objects cameras through separate interface for the staff
  • The existing equipment and CCTV cameras can be used for connection to the unite system
  • Various analytical algorithms of various developers are used simultaneously in order to maximize the information reliability and provide the system comprehensive use
  • Mobile video streaming: from smart phones, tablet computers, quadcopters, which can widen the coverage and optimise cameras installation costs
  • Control and management systems integration, safety systems and other external systems integration
  • Can be integrated with the city CCTV system in order to transmit video streams and analytics events

  • Issued solved

  • Transport safety both on single objects an on geographically spread transport objects

  • Transport enterprises effective management
  • Comfortable environment for passengers and staff
  • Wanted persons databases integration, automatic face recognition, security service and law enforcement bodies notification
  • Security check points automatization: matching face biometrics database with the staff database
  • Specially protected and no-passengers zones access control
  • Car number-plates, marks, models and types recognition, visitor route tracking at the enterprises and on the nearby territory
  • Safety measures, labour protection control, code of labour conduct, staff working hours and their enterprise territory movement control
  • Object fire safety control, emergency situations prevention
  • Abandoned things, loud sounds, sabotage detection
  • Vandalism prevention, carrying equipment, buildings and communications protection
  • Territory cleaning, maintenance and household improvement control
  • Solutions

    Completed projects

    Saint Petersburg video surveillance system
    • CCTV Platform
    • iStream ITX
    • Mobistream

    One of the largest CCTV projects in Russia: over 73 000 cameras integrated into single platform. It has been developing on the Netris platform basis since 2014 until now.

    Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk video surveillance system
    • CCTV Platform

    City CCTV system with over 4300 cameras in all Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk districts. The project has been developing since 2019.

    Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District video surveillance system
    • CCTV Platform
    • Videoanalytics

    Russian Arktic intellectual CCTV system that currently includes over 1500 cameras. The project has been developing since 2019.

    Moscow Metro media platform
    • Mobistream

    A unique project of creation a TV channel live broadcasting platform for moving vehicles.

    Primorsky region video surveillance system
    • Videoanalytics
    • CCTV Platform

    Smart CCTV system with situational video analytics, face recognition algorythms and mobile video-streaming option. The project was launched in 2020.

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