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Netris solutions provide fuel and energy enterprises, oil and gas companies and petrol station networks with security and with effective management tools. Due to unlimited scalability, wide functionality and analytical modes they are efficient in all these enterprises activities: oil upstreaming, processing, wholesale and retail sales.

Issued solved

  • Process and fire safety both on single objects and on geographically spread groups of objects
  • Effective management of any scale enterprise
  • Staff activities, working hours, territory movements and labour processing rules remote control
  • Property, buildings and communications safety control
  • Territory cleaning, maintenance and household improvement control
  • Customers’ requirements full satisfaction
  • Profit growth and costs reduction

  • Distinguishing features

  • Comprehensive intellectual CCTV platform can be created, with access from any point of the world through the unite portal and with access to specific separate objects for their staff through separate interface
  • The existing equipment and CCTV cameras can be used for connection to the unite system
  • Various analytical algorithms of various developers are used simultaneously in order to employ the system potential at all company activities
  • Mobile video streaming: from smartphones, tablet computers and quad copters for wider system view, getting video from certain places instantly and minimizing cameras installation costs
  • The possibility to use local Netris program registrators for spread CCTV system on objects with low network connection provides local archive data storage, connection line optimization, centralized access to live and archive videos through the unite platform interface
  • Integration with fire safety systems, access management and control systems, security systems and other external systems
  • The possibility to integrate with city or region video surveillance system in order to transmit video streams an analytical events

  • Video analytics integration

  • Safety procedures control and personal protection equipment utilization control
  • Object fire safety control, emergency situations prevention
  • Automatic access control: matching face biometrics database with the staff database, preventing outsiders’ access to the objects
  • Unwanted visitors or dismissed staff database integration, automatic face recognition and security service notification
  • Car number plates, marks and models recognition, their movement control
  • Biometric oil and goods payments at petrol stations
  • Biometric technologies for higher customers’ loyalty: customers can pay for oil and goods on petrol stations using face ID
  • Wide marketing opportunities: gender, age, emotions recognition, targeted personal marketing propositions, goods layout correction
  • Solutions

    Completed projects

    Khanty-Mansiisk Autonomous District video surveillance system
    • CCTV Platform
    • Videoanalytics

    Intellectual CCTV system with case analytics, service analytics and face recognition algorithms. The project has been developing since 2019.

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