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CCTV platform extension without extra cameras installation. Video broadcasting can be performed from mobile devices powered by Android and IOS, and from remotely piloted aircraft (for example, quad copters), video-transceivers and portable Internet connected registrators, mobile biometric complexes.

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Smart city and safe region

Features and benefits

Instant any-place video reception

Video streaming and archive video storage from the operator's mobile device, with sound and geographic transmitted coordinates directly to the CCTV platform. Indispensable solution for video platform growth without extra cameras installation.

  1. Platform video-field extension By means of civil and administrative mobile applications citizens and officials get involved into its development.
  2. Cost effectiveness No extra cameras installation needed for video platform extension by means of mobile devices. Streaming can be performed through the mobile application.
  3. Various user devices support Smartphones and tablet computers powered by Android and IOS, remotely piloted aircraft, portable registrators and radio stations transmitting video through the Internet.
  4. Video analytics integration Possibility to employ video analytics functions at mobile cameras, such as face and car number-plates recognition
  5. Wide use opportunities Each video has a unique ID number providing wide opportunities for its further use.
  6. Unified system of identification and authentication (USIA) integration Citizens can get authorised through the USIA using their Gosuslugi portal ID.

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Basic application interface, broadcasting settings
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