Moscow video surveillance system

Videoanalytics iStream ITX Mobistream CCTV Platform
Interactive multifunctional portal proving access to Moscow CCTV cameras, video analytics and additional functions. Law-enforcement executives, Mayor staff and other city services staff have access to the system. The access is possible through any available user device, and also through the Internet. EGIP and panoramic maps are integrated for navigation efficiency. This is the world largest CCTV project: over 250 000 cameras integrated into single platform. It has been actively developed by Netris company since 2013.


To enlarge city CCTV efficiency. To ensure reliability and unlimited scalability. To create the single tool for all CCTV user categories. To realize the possibility of the city effective remote control. To integrate the functions of mobile CCTV and panoramic cameras. To automatize the users activities by means of video analytics.


On the first stage the system used software made by major foreign developer. The broadcasting part could not provide the productivity needed, as well as cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility needed for portal watch. The receiving part of the video-core was restricted by low functional flexibility and overwhelming resource intensity. The system had no functionality enrichment and new technologies rapid integration options that the Customer needed.


Single Moscow CCTV system has been created, consolidating all city cameras. The system video core is based on Netris high-efficiency video servers. Most cameras are connected by the operators in accordance with the service model. Simultaneous integration of analytical algorithms of different developers has been performed. All city lobby cameras are connected to face recognition analytical system. Mobile video streaming is supported through the special executive users’ mobile application. Separate objects are connected through local Netris registrators. Local household control analytics has been integrated. Mobile application for Storage center (Videogorod) has been created. Mobile broadcasting pilots with VR-googles automatic face recognition have been performed. API functionality for Storage center and external systems integration has been expanded considerably. Placement plans for socially important objects (stadiums, railway stations, etc.) and detailed work schemes were integrated. Automatic video analytics algorithms major repairs control pilot projects have been launched.

Moscow surveillance system took the 1st prise in the Smart city solutions Digital awards during RIW. Finally, 8 years of our efforts are appreciated by the society and experts. We are grateful to everyone who builds and develops the system, and to those who make the city cleaner, safer and more comfortable place with its help.

Dmitry Golovin
Head of Moscow Information Technology Department, CCTV division

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