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Netris iStream ITX is a complete software NVR-solution for single objects with few IP-cameras. It is aimed at arranging video surveillance at single objects with possibility to transmit videostreams and access to object camera archives through Netris complex platform.

Netris iStream ITX allows adding cameras and users, manage the rights, watching real-time video streams from cameras (including mosaic mode for several streams sinultaneous watch) and archive video recording with adjustable record depth.

There is an optional PTZ driver installation opportunity, that can perform remote camera control and external systems additional integration possibility.

Additionally, external systems integration is possible - including analytical systems for face, situation and vehicle recognition.

In case of large amount of cameras several video registrators can be connected into a united system.

Suitable for

Smart city and safe region

Features and benefits

Cost-effective solution for single objects

A perfect CCTV-solution for government and municipal objects, that demands cameras access through the united city or region CCTV platform

  1. Netris CCTV platform integration CCTV video streams and archive videos can be watched through the united city or region Netris platform
  2. Non-demanding hardware requirements Completely software solution that can be installed at any computer or server meeting minimum system requirements
  3. Local recording and storage Video steams don't need to be transmitted to data storage and processing center as there is on-demand access to live and archive videos
  4. User-friendly interface The object staff have separate interface containing all functions required for object CCTV
  5. Users authorization and rights management system Flexible user rights management based on role model, with the possibility to restrict access to cameras, archives and certain functions
  6. Flexible licensing 5 licence types: for 8, 16,32,48 and 64 cameras

Netris iStream ITX is included into Russian electronic software index.

Interface screenshots

Netris iStrem ITX interface, mosaic mode: 4 cameras
Netris iStrem ITX interface, mosaic mode: 9 cameras
Video archive in synchronous mode
List of analytics events
Plug-in types of video analytics
Transport vehicle monitoring screen
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Netris iStream ITX is a complete software solution that can be installed at any computer or server meeting minimum system requirements.

Cabinet mini-ITX or more
Motherboard mini-ITX or more
CPU (8-16 cameras) Intel® Core i3-12100, 4 cores
CPU (32-64 cameras) Intel® Core™ i5-12600, 6 cores
Memory (8-16 cameras) 8 GB, DDR4/DDR5, SO-DIMM
Memory (32-64 cameras) 16 GB, DDR4/DDR5, SO-DIMM
Operating system Ubuntu Desktop 22.04 or РЕД ОС 7.3
HDD 3.5" It is calculated based on the number of cameras and the depth of the archive. The average stream is 4 Mbps.

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