Saint Petersburg video surveillance system

CCTV Platform iStream ITX Mobistream
Currently Saint Petersburg CCTV system includes over 73 000 cameras in all city districts. Separate city objects are integrated into the system with Netris Local registrators. Safe Saint Petersburg mobile application is available for the citizens, which allows sending emergency video records and requesting video archive records that can be used by the law enforcement bodies.


Creation of the united spread city surveillance system. Ensuring reliability and unlimited scalability. Creation of the single tool for all CCTV user categories. Exercising the city effective remote control. Integration of mobile CCTV for the official and public use. Carrying out functions that could make the user activities automatic.


Separate city districts had restricted network connection, they needed centralized CCTV system. All city systems, including the citizen requests processing system, needed to be integrated into a single information channel, that could provide wide-range view at the city situation. The need for the effective city management and citizens feedback management tool.


The unite spread city CCTV system has been created, customized with Saint Petersburg State City Monitoring center colours and symbols. The system video core is based on Netris high-efficiency video servers. Separate objects are connected through local Netris registrators. Mobile videostreaming is supported through the special executive users mobile application. Safe Saint Petersburg mobile application has been created, enabling every citizen to broadcast to the city CCTV system using their mobile phones cameras, to request city cameras video archives and to use Emergency help function in order to contact the law enforcement bodies immediately. The system has been integrated with the popular map services (Yandex, Google, etc.) fotoradar complexes and with specially created GIS TORIS map service. Photo archives are created automatically for the household services automatic control.

The information gained from the CCTV cameras goes to the St. Petersburg district police offices and is growingly used to prevent, recognise and solve crimes. This very year city CCTV cameras have helped to recognise 685 crimes (236 more than the previous year) and solve 491 crime (44 more than the previous year).

Olga Arishina
The head of Saint Petersburg law, public order and safety committee

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