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Due to the Netris solution any existing video functions can be integrated in the video surveillance:

  • Face recognition by photo;
  • External databases integration for face search;
  • Faces comparison with the staff database;
  • Motion detection in frame;
  • Lines crossing;
  • Intercameral tracing;
  • Vehicles license plates recognition, including transport vehicles;
  • Vehicles marks, models, types recognition;
  • Smoke detection and other emergency situations detection;
  • Snow and garbage pickup control, other householding events control.

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Smart city and safe region

Features and benefits

Any developer's analytical algorithms can be integrated simultaneously

Practical comparison of various algorythms in real conditions is made, best solutions of the market are chosen. There is the possibility to use various developers' similar-type algorithms simultaneously for maximum accuracy.

  1. Best algorithms The possibility to make real-conditions comparisons of the analytical algorithms available on the market in order to choose the best of them.
  2. Supreme accuracy Various developers' analytical algorithms can be used simultaneously for most accurate results.
  3. Access from any point of the world There is any-point-of-the-world access to the video analytics through the unite portal interface and through mobile devices, and also through the Internet.
The subsystem is being constantly improved and its usability is being widened for any task automatization. The architecture allows integration of any analytical modules on Customer's demand.

Interface screenshots

Traffic recognition
All solutions

The subsystem has the architecture allowing any analytical modules of Customer's demand integration.


Surveillance cameras face recognition, archive face search.

At the moment, NtechLab, VisionLabs, Tevian algorythms are being used that provide the following functions:

  • Face recognition by photo;
  • Gender, age, emotions recognition;
  • Online face monitioring;
  • External databases face search.

The solution is widely used in Moscow, Tyumen, Novosibirsk oblast and other cities and regions video surveillance systems.

Traffic recognition

Vehicles license plates, marks, models and types recognition.

Currently Netline (MSK Group of companies) algorythms are used, that allow:

  • Vehicles license plates recognition;
  • Archive car search, traffic flow monitoring;
  • Vehicle marks, models and types recognition;
  • Transit transport vehicles detection.

The solution is widely used in Moscow region video surveillance system and works as pilot project in other major Russian cities and regions CCTV systems.

Situation analytics

In frame motion detection considering size, color and other criteria.

Currently, there are ITV algorithms used, allowing to produce:

  • In frame motion detection considering direction;
  • Line crossing, presence in the targeted zone;
  • Objects size and color assumption.

The solution is widely used in Moscow, HMAO, YANAO and other cities and regions video surveillance systems.

Services quality analytics

Automatic services quality control based on CCTV service model (SKOU)

There is CCTV services quality control provided by the telecommunication services operator, which includes:

  • Cameras performance monitoring;
  • Telecommunication lines monitoring;
  • Video stream compliance with the contract conditions (FPS, Bitrate, resolution);
  • Automatic reports.

The solution is actively used in all CCTV systems, working on Netris platform on service model.

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