Leningrad region video surveillance system

CCTV Platform Videoanalytics
Intellectual CCTV system that supports 1500 video streams and that has Situation centre, incident response bodies and St. Petersburg city integration ESB. The system is suitable for vertical and horizontal scaling and has no limits in terms of software. The project was implemented in 2020 and embraces 50% populated areas in the Leningrad region.


In the end of September, 2020 relying on the St. Petersburg practice of successful Netris platform employment, the Leningrad Regional monitoring centre decided on implementing best platform practices in their region. By the end of October, 2020 Netris delivered the platform to the customer in partnership with PJSC Rostelecom North-West department. One of the key requirements was that all system parts including video data servers should be placed inside the region. Also, Leningrad region platform and St. Petersburg platform data exchange was required.


Due to unreliable functioning of the previously used system developed by other vendor and inability to integrate with the St. Petersburg platform, the region experienced difficulties in terms of cameras access and general regional situation comprehension. Regular system failures and archive inaccessibility affected crime investigation and police services efficiency badly.


The system was deployed in unprecedently short terms, it took less than 1 month since contract making till the system introduction into operation. It took less than 3 days to integrate with the St. Petersburg CCTV platform on the data exchange level. As the result, crime detection rate has grown considerably, and regional data exchange has become much faster. For today the system includes over 900 cameras and can be upscaled. It is also prepared for full range data exchange between Leningrad region CCTV system and St. Petersburg CCTV system.

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