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Complex CCTV platform for Smart cities and regions, government and municipal enterprises, traffic objects, transnational enterprises and major geographically spread companies. The platform provides the opportunity to connect unlimited number of cameras and other video sources.

Super efficient own developed video core functioning on Linux base. It is reliable, fail safe and can be used without extra licence costs.

Module architecture and extra functions extend the platform potentials and application fields: besides safety issues, it provides all city, region and organization fields effective management tool.

The possibility to integrate various developers video analytics algorythms allow our customers to select the best solutions available on the market and solve all kinds of tasks.

Suitable for

Smart city and safe region

Features and benefits

Complex tool for territory or organization effective management

It has access to all the platform functions from any point of the world and from any user device. Any analytics type can be integrated.

  1. Completely software solution The existing equipment, cameras and servers can be used, the existing CCTV systems can be connected
  2. All video sources types support Including fixed and ptz-cameras, mobile and no-blind-zones fish-eye 360-cameras
  3. User friendly web-interface And mobile apps for iOS and Android based devices
  4. Various analytical algorithms connection Various vendors analytical algorithms can be used simultaneously, best-fitting solutions can be chosen
  5. Mobile video streaming Platform field extension without extra cameras installation. Broadcasting from smartphones, tablet computers, flying drones and portable registrators
  6. Integrated content distribution system (CDN) That provides distributed architecture and connection efficiency
  7. Software NVR integration Single objects can be connected by means of Netris iStream ITX software NVR with access to object cameras through the common interface
  8. User rights management system With role model and possibility to provide the staff with access to the cameras on their objects
  9. Safe City Program Complex integration Any external systems integration: video streaming, analytical events and notifications

The solution is tested out in major CCTV projects

Netris platform has proved its efficiency, reliability and fail-safety. For many years the system works effectively in major Russian and CIS CCTV projects: in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, the Tyumen Region and the Novosibirsk region. Republic of Kazakhstan National CCTV system is based on Netris platform, also, Unified National Video Surveillance Platform is being developed in collaboration with Rostelecom company.

¹ The number of cameras connected is determined by the licence conditions. The software prices are available on request.

*The first year after supply the software is under warranty, unless other conditions are conformed. Product warranty commitment list is available on request.

Interface screenshots

Unified National Video Surveillance Platform Portal
Archive video watch
Traffic recognition
All solutions

The platform module architecture fits for any solution development in conformity with each customer's needs.

Video analytics

Simultaneous use of best analytical algorythms in the system

Due to the Netris solution any existing analytical functions can be integrated in the CCTV platform:

  • Face recognition by photo;
  • External databases integration for face search;
  • Faces comparison with the staff database;
  • Motion detection in frame;
  • Lines crossing;
  • Intercameral tracing;
  • Vehicle license plates recognition;
  • Vehicle marks, models, types recognition;
  • Smoke detection and other emergency situations detection;
  • Snow and garbage pickup and other householding events analysis;
  • And also other algorythms for any tasks automatization.

Detailed information

Mobistream technology

Platform extension by means of mobile sources

  • By means of civil and administrative mobile applications citizens and officials get involved into the video field extension;
  • Various user devices support: Smartphones and tablet computers powered by Android and IOS, remotely piloted aircraft, portable registrators and radio stations transmitting video through the Internet;
  • The possibility to employ video analytics functions at mobile cameras, such as face and car number-plates recognition;
  • Each video has unique ID number provideing wide opportunities for its further use.

Detailed information

Netris ITX NVR connection

Single objects integration into the unite CCTV platform

  • CCTV video streams and archive videos can be watched through the unite city or region Netris platform;
  • Completely software solution that can be installed at any computer or server meeting minimum requirements;
  • Local recording and storage;
  • Video steams don't need to be transmitted to data storage and processing center as there is on-demand access to live and archive videos; ;
  • User-friendly interface;
  • The object staff have separate interface containing all functions required for object CCTV;
  • Users authorization and rights distribution system;
  • Flexible user rights management based on role model, with the possibility to restrict access to cameras, archives and certain functions.

Detailed information

Panoramic cameras support

Constant panoramic view and 360 horizontal and 180 elevation video recording

  • Unlike regular cameras, they have no Blind zones;
  • That type of cameras is most efficient on crossroads;
  • They can be used successfully in crowded places;
  • When using VR Googles the operator experiences the effect of personal presence;
  • They can be used for virtual city tours.
Plug and Play cameras connection

User friendly cameras connection order

Plug-and-Play supporting mode provides easier video sources connection by means of:

  • Adding cameras connected to the Internet or to local network without extra setting;
  • Available cameras search and connection;
  • Integrated camera sensors and detectors utilization;
  • Automatic camera specification exploration for its functions management;
  • No need for separate connection link.
Photo archive

The situation review by means of simultaneous scheduled cameras screenshots

The cameras point at the object in accordance with the schedule, make photo and return to the starting point. The created photo archive considerably improves controlling bodies efficiency (for example, in householding):

  • Automatic photo archives for separate cameras or groups;
  • Schedules specification adjustment;
  • Automatic PTZ-cameras turn to the specified object;
  • Video and photo archive watch at the workplace
Moscow integration experience: without photo archive functionality one person could control up to 70 living yards a day. When using this function, one person can control over 1000 living yards a day.
External systems integration

Information exchange, video streams transceiving

The module provides integration with any external systems and components:

  • Safe city hardware-software complex, 112-system;
  • Official executive powers systems;
  • Regional geoinformational systems;
  • Objects access control and safety systems;
  • Billing systems;
  • Any other systems the customer needs.
Video quality control

Automatic video streams required quality control

Services quality control system includes:

  • Cameras perfomance monotoring;
  • Telecommunication lines monitoring;
  • Video stream compliance with the contract conditions (FPS, Bitrate, resolution);
  • Automatic reports.

The solution is actively used in all CCTV systems, working on Netris platform on service model.

Video core

Netris VoD Server (Netris iStream) is the platform video core

Netris VoD Server is flexible recording, storage and broadcasting system functioning on OS Linux base, which is compulsory demand for major CCTV projects.


  • Highly efficient even on standard servers;
  • Unlimited scalability due to block architecture;
  • Claster solution support;
  • Economic efficiency;
  • Encryption engines and video access links support.

Licenses: ¹

  • The number of channels connected (recording, broadcasting);
  • Transmission region;
  • Video recapsuling;
  • Distributed data network utilization(CDN);
  • Internet broadcasting(DMZ);
  • Dynamic video quality adaptation;
  • External systems and services cooperation;
  • etc.

Netris VoD Server contains such functional modules as:

  • IP-video cameras connection mode, Mac, PC, iOS (NTRS-CCTVNW-5500C6B-ADV-SND, NTRS-CCTVNW-1500C6B-ADV-SND, NTRS-CCTVNW-4500C6B-ADV-SND etc. recording and broadcasting mode;
  • Widened software support program(NTRS-CCTVNW-MNT-ADV-HY и др.);
  • iOS and Android based mobile applications support for video and audio streaming, geolocation performance(NTRS-CCTVNW-MST-CIM-1000, etc.);
  • other modes(NTRS-CCTVNW-PAM-VTM, NTRS-CCTVNW-SIG-5SA, etc.).
¹ Software price is available on request. You can also request the price list from our partners: OOO In Nova, ZAO BSK Line, OOO Es El Group, SPB GUP SPB IATS.

CCTV platform basic functions:

Access to the system Through browsers and mobile applications from any point of the world, and also through the Internet
Video analytics Wide functionality of integrated analytics, any existing algorythms integration of any vendors
Video core Highly efficient own-developed Netris video core works on OS Linux
Video sources CCTV cameras, local video registrators, mobile devices (including non-piloted flying devices and data transmitting portable video registrators), 360-panoramic CCTV cameras
Equipment reuse The existing server equipment, cameras and CCTV systems can be connected and reused
External systems integration Any external systems and components can be integrated, including Safe city hardware-software complex, 112-system, Police resources management system, etc.
Map services Yandex, Google, RGIS, OSM, EGIP etc.
Cameras management Cameras turn, scale, extra functions
Traffic control Public transport tracking, movement routes, access to the public transport mobile cameras
User rights management Flexible user rights distribution system based on role model
Archive records depth Unlimited archive records depth, it can be adjusted flexibly in accordance with the storage space
Reliability and fail safety For years, the platform has proven its reliability and fail-safety, working successfully at major CCTV over 150 000 cameras-scale projects

Moscow video surveillance system
  • Videoanalytics
  • iStream ITX
  • Mobistream
  • CCTV Platform

The world largest CCTV project: over 200 000 cameras integrated into single platform. It has been actively developing on the Netris platform basis since 2013.

Moscow region video surveillance system
  • Videoanalytics
  • CCTV Platform

Moscow region intellectual CCTV system includes over 54 000 cameras in major cities and on major roads.

Saint Petersburg video surveillance system
  • CCTV Platform
  • iStream ITX
  • Mobistream

One of the largest CCTV projects in Russia: over 45 000 cameras integrated into single platform. It has been developing on the Netris platform basis since 2014 until now.

Leningrad region video surveillance system
  • CCTV Platform
  • Videoanalytics

Intellectual CCTV system that supports 600 video streams and that has Situation centre, incident response bodies and St. Petersburg city integration ESB.

Tyumen region video surveillance system
  • Videoanalytics
  • CCTV Platform
  • iStream ITX
  • Mobistream

Regional intellectual CCTV system that includes over 3200 cameras in various cities of the region. The project has been developing since 2015.

Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk video surveillance system
  • CCTV Platform

City CCTV system with over 4200 cameras in all Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk districts. The project has been developing since 2019.

Novisibirsk region video surveillance system
  • Videoanalytics
  • CCTV Platform

Regional intellectual CCTV system that includes over 500 cameras. The project has been developing since 2018.

Khanty-Mansiisk Autonomous District video surveillance system
  • CCTV Platform
  • Videoanalytics

Intellectual CCTV system with case analytics, service analytics and face recognition algorithms. The project has been developing since 2019.

Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District video surveillance system
  • CCTV Platform
  • Videoanalytics

Russian Arktic intellectual CCTV system that currently includes over 1000 cameras. The project has been developing since 2019.

Volsk video surveillance system
  • CCTV Platform
  • Videoanalytics

Volsk city intellectual surveillance system. The project has been developing since 2019.

Primorsky region video surveillance system
  • Videoanalytics
  • CCTV Platform

Smart CCTV system with situational video analytics, face recognition algorythms and mobile video-streaming option. The project was launched in 2020.

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