Volsk video surveillance system

CCTV Platform Videoanalytics
Volsk city (Saratov region) intellectual surveillance system. The project has been developing on the basis of Netris platform since 2019. The functions of face recognition, case video analytics, car state number plates, car marks, models and types recognition are supported.


Volsk intellectual CCTV system creation, with face recognition, car number plates, car marks, models, types and with case analytics.


Volsk is the administrative center of Volsky region, Saratovskaya oblats, it is settled on the right bank of Volga river, 147 km North-East from Saratov. Its population is 63 212 people. Until 2019 there was no intellectual video surveillance system.


Now, intellectual CCTV system based on Netris platform is created. Face recognition, case video analytics, service analytics, vehicle license plates, marks, models and types recognition functions are integrated.

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