Primorsky region video surveillance system

Videoanalytics CCTV Platform
Smart CCTV system with situational video analytics, face recognition and car marks, types models and number plates recognition algorythms and with Special Computing infrastructure division within the confidential network. The project was launched in 2020. CCTV points are placed at city squares, markets, stadiums, in trade centres and in municipal bulidings, in house yards and house lobbies in Vladivostok, Ussuriisk, Artem, Arsenies, Bolshoy Kamen and Nahodka. It provides services to 65% region population.


20 house lobby and panoramic pilot cameras were launched in April, 2020 in order to demonstrate Netris platform functionality. The region authorities appreciated the pilot project results and ordered full frame intellectual CCTV system for all region major cities by June,1. One of the key requirements was that all system parts including video data servers should be placed inside the region.


Due to high COVID-19 risks in Russia, particularly in Primorsky region, quarantine control tool was needed: for potentially infected citizens control, social distancing and self isolation control.


The system was launched in unprecedently short period of time despite the force majeure circumstances of remote managemement and logistics changes due to quarantine. It supports 590 cameras or more simultaneous connection, mobile video streams connection. It can be used for face recognition and situational analytics. The system also provides Special Computing infrastructure segment (SRVI) within the confidential network.

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