Permsky Krai video surveillance system

CCTV Platform Videoanalytics
Intellectual CCTV system that supports 3500 video streams, services control system, face recognition and object recognition video analytics. The system includes side systems integration module, special computing infrastructure segment (SRVI) within the confidential network. Server and network hardware has been delivered and installed. The project has been developed since December 2021. This is the first project that includes both open and confidential segments in the Russian Region.


The creation of intellectual CCTV with services control system, face, objects recognition video analytics and external system integration option.


Permsky Krai is the Russian Federation region within the Privolzhsky Federal District with the capital city Perm. The population of the region is over 2579 thous. people. Until 2021 the region had had no joint video surveillance system.


The system was launched in December 2021 and became the first regional project that includes both open and confidential segments.

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