Tyumen region video surveillance system

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The most geographically spread regional scale intellectual CCTV system in Russia. Over 5000 cameras in Tyumen region cities and towns are connected to the system simultaneously, with face recognition support, mobile CCTV functions and integration with certain external systems.


Creation of effective CCTV system for effective regional management and complex safety management. The system has unlimited scalability, fail-safety and functional flexibility. Also, there are video analytics functions and mobile video broadcasting integration, external systems integration.


Tumen region is one largest Russian regions in terms of territory. Some towns and cities are considerably remote from the administrative center and don't have enough network connection for centralized CCTV system creation.


The unite spread system has been created, with cameras in various Tyumen region towns and regions. Tyumen Regional geographic information system (RGIS TO), Regional Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Resources management system (SUSIS), Incidents management system (SUI) have been integrated. The functions of mobile video streaming (for public executive users) and video broadcasting from cameras to the external systems are integrated. Face recognition video analytics has been integrated, vehicle license plates, marks, models and types video analytics pilot project has been successfully performed.

The results of the system integration after 10 month of use in 2019 are 62% less administrative law violations, 5,9% less crimes (committed where cameras are installed), 14 crimes solved shortly after.

Tyumen region Regional Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

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