Novisibirsk region video surveillance system

Videoanalytics CCTV Platform
The intellectual CCTV system has been developing on the basis of Netris platform since 2018. Currently over 1000 cameras in Novisibirsk are connected to the system, RGIS NSO cartography and face recognition functionality are integrated. The system provides Special Computing infrastructure segment (SRVI) within the confidential network.


Creation of Novosibirsk region intellectual CCTV system. Providing scalability, fail safety, functional flexibility and regional systems integration. Integration of video analytics functionality.


Absence of the single CCTV system in Novosibirsk (which is the city with a million-plus population), that could provide complex safety for citizens, assist in the region effective management and as the result improve the citizens' living standards.


The system has been created on the basis of Netris platform. Face recognition system has been integrated, as well as complex monitoring integration bus, RGIS NSO cartography system and Special Computing infrastructure division within the confidential network.

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