Rostovskaya oblast video surveillance system

Videoanalytics CCTV Platform
Rostovskaya oblast intelligent CCTV system that includes 2500. The project has been developing since 2021.


There was an urge for unite Rostovskaya oblast CCTV system integrated with the 112-system. The system was created with regard to possible existing various systems unification and also to vehicle search, car number-plates, types, marks and models video analytics integration.


There was demand for unification of the systems that existed in the region municipalities, as primarily, there were no general video surveillance requirements. Also, staff training in terms of video analytics utilization was needed.


Netris CCTV system that provides access to almost any external CCTV system has solved the problem of the municipalities integration into the unite CCTV system, with car number-plates recognition algorythms. Currently, over 2500 cameras are connected and the integration with Safe City hardware-software complex has been made. 55 Rostovskaya oblast municipalities receive the services. Due to the well-established training model all 55 municipalities system utilization staff training was performed in two days.

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