Moscow region video surveillance system

Videoanalytics CCTV Platform
Moscow region intellectual CCTV system includes over 85 thousand cameras. Face recognition, vehicle license plates, marks, models and types recognition video analytics algorithms are integrated. City transport tracking is performed, with routes pictured on the map and with vehicle cameras access available.


Creation of effectively functioning Moscow region CCTV system. Ensuring the system unlimited scalability and fail-safety. Integration of video analytics functionality with the possibility to integrate any developers' algorithms.


Low productivity of the previously used solution. Failure to integrate external developers' video analytics algorythms. Difficulty in the software modification in accordance with the Customer's demands.


The previously existing system was completely replaced by the Netris platform in three months. The platform includes all major cities cameras with live and provides archive video access. Passenger transport mapping is available, including the archive mode. Passenger transport map tracking including routes and vehicle cameras access. Video analytics functions have been launched: vehicle license plates, marks, models and types recognition.

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