Moscow Metro media platform

The uniqueness of the solution lies in the fact that live TV-channels – not locally stored video clips, are broadcasted on video panels. At present, an adapted version of Moscow-24 TV channel and important information about changes in the operation of Moscow public transport are being broadcasted on the video panels of the subway trains. Along with operational information, on the screens is displayed various passenger information: services that passengers can receive at the stations, transfers to other subway lines, stations of the Moscow Central Circle and to urban transport with route numbers indication. At the same time, Netris Media Platform allows to display targeted data on the screens – for example, along the lines. The platform in future can be scaled into a complex integrated passenger information system of Moscow Transport.


Createion of a media platform for broadcasting live video streams on video panels in electric train cars, as well as displaying various information and alerts for passengers of the Moscow Metro.


The rolling stock of the Moscow Metro has no wired network connection, while real-time video broadcasting requires a stable communication channel of sufficient bandwidth.


This capability is achieved by using of H.265 high-performance video compression format, content caching and its transfer to media servers in a format that provides playback buffering in case of possible losses during data transmission over the network. Netris Media Platform includes the Head Station (HeadEnd), the Media Flow Delivery Subsystem, the Management Subsystem (Middleware) and the Media Screen Management Agent. Head station, which includes Netris iStream video servers of extremely high-performance, provides the initial reception of video streams from video sources with the ability to transmit over IP networks. Delivery subsystem is designed to receive video streams from the servers of the Head Station and then retransmit the received video stream to the media servers of the rolling stock. Management subsystem is designed to receive, process and transmit information between components of the Media platform, as well as integration and data exchange with external systems. All main components of the platform operate under CentOS operating system. Media panel management agent is operating under Android OS and provides receiving and displaying video streams, text data, images, splitting the screen to display various information, as well as collecting and transmitting metrics about the quality of the broadcasting video stream to the monitoring system.

A unique media platform that allows to mix emergency subway messages into the information content of the Moscow 24 channel has been created.

Kirill Stepanenko
Deputy Head of the Moscow Metro for Information Technology and Communications

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